Capabilities of End-to-End solution on facial recognition capabilities in real time environment:

  • Deployment of the facial recognition system on Serum Institute of India Campus on existing CCTV cameras and installation of additional cameras on entry gates
  • Integration with existing employee / ID Management database
  • Demonstration of a portable face recognition kit with Smart Glasses
  • Development of a mobile app for searching for tailor-made solutions as per clients need.



  • Cross-platform face recognition
  • ID Management
  • On premise deployment of the Facial Recognition system
  • Blade Smart Glasses
  • Wearable Portable Computer & Cameras
  • Know Your Customer
  • Audience Measurement Applications
  • Smart Face Search Mobile Application
  • Visitors distribution during the business day
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Aviation Applications
  • Public Safety Applications
  • Logistics/Manufacturing Applications
  • Applications. Mobile authentication for mobile bank access
  • National scale face identification platform